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The United Nations Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a two-year, full-time, paid international programme aimed at university graduates and young professionals 32 years old and younger. It is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to start a career as an international civil servant with the United Nations Secretariat. Each year the UN announces YPP job postings in different departments and the best part is that work experience is not required! Please be advised that the process consists of an application, an entrance examination and an interview.




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Job Family:
Political, Peace and Humanitarian NetworkPublic Information and Conference Management NetworkManagement and Administration Network

Registration Form

Registration is now open for 2017!

If you would like to attend one of Weyakum’s FREE awareness and training sessions, please read all the information below thoroughly then fill out the registration form above so we can inform you of our YPP session dates. 


If you are not able to attend Weyakum’s awareness and training session, you can read all about the YPP on your own and apply by yourself; please visit the United Nations YPP website and create a log in ID (top right hand corner) and apply to the job families listed at the bottom of the page. 

Remember, make sure you fit the criteria, that you apply to only one job family  & have a degree in one of the above fields or else the system will filter you out!

You can also watch videos and ask questions on UN Careers Facebook page 


Eligibility Criteria:

Do you hold a university degree?
Are you 32 years old or younger ?

Do you speak either English and/or French fluently?

Will you be able to live and work abroad?

Are you a national of a participating country? UAE is a participating country (must be UAE passport holder)


The below is a list of the 3 job families for 2017.
You can only select one job family on your application & you can only submit one application per year.

 (1) Political, Peace, and Humanitarian Network: 
Civil affairs • Electoral affairs • Human rights affairs • Humanitarian affairs •
Political affairs • Rule of law • Security institutions

(2) Management and Administration Network:
Administration • Audit • Ethics • Finance • Human resources • Inspection and evaluation • Investigation •
Investment management • Management and analysis • Ombudsman • Procurement

(3) Public Information and Conference Management Network:
Conference services • Documentation and information management •
Language (e.g. radio production in diff. languages) • Protocol • Public information



Weyakum conducts emirates-wide awareness programmes to give all Emiratis a fair chance to learn and participate in the UN’s Young Professionals Programme.

Eligible candidates are then invited to Weyakum’s awareness and  training sessions where we will provide you with step by step guidance throughout application process. This includes:

  • creating a competitive application profile to pass the screening stage
  • writing a resume & cover letter that stands out 
  • accurately going through the application’s screening questions
  • learning all about the United Nations and its various entities
  • preparing for the examination and interview stage
  • and much more…

Emiratis can use these acquired skills to apply to any job in the future… And many of them have successfully done so already!

“With a view to enhancing geographical diversity and gender parity, we are committed to working towards increasing the representation of nationals of the United Arab Emirates. One of the ways to join the United Nations is through the Young Professionals Programme (YPP). It is in this context that I wish to convey my appreciation of the efforts made by Weyakum under the leadership of Ms. Ameera Amir to inform and encourage qualified Emiratis to participate; both my predecessor, Mr. John Ericson and colleagues have complimented this support. This is a great example to educate and advise potential applicants for employment opportunities at the United nations and I look forward to continued cooperation with Weyakum.”
Asim Sharma
Chief, Outreach Unit Strategic Planning and Staffing Division Office of HR Management
United Nations
“The United Nations is seeking to increase the number of Emiratis working for the organization.  One way to join the United Nations is to take the Young Professionals Programme (YPP) recruitment examination. In this regard, we highly appreciate the efforts made by Weyakum, under the leadership of Ms. Ameera Amir, to attract, inform and encourage qualified young Emiratis to participate in the YPP.  Her efforts have been instrumental in increasing the number of persons from the UAE who applied for the examination in 2014 and we are grateful for her continued efforts to encourage more Emiratis to participate in 2015.”
John Ericson
Chief, Outreach Unit Strategic Planning and Staffing Division Office of HR Management
United Nations