Social Enterprise

Are you thinking of starting a revenue-generating business that provides a solution to a social, cultural, economic or environmental issue in your community or the world? Weyakum can help you become a social entrepreneur!

To earn revenue

To achieve social, cultural, economic and/or environmental outcomes

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Here’s how we supported ‘Enable’, an agricultural social enterprise empowered by persons with disability…

Weyakum worked with Desert Group to transition its CSR programme to a social enterprise, Enable. So rather than depending on CSR funding, Enable is now a stand alone company that sells its products and reinvests 100% of its proceeds to fuel its own operations! The financial model even allows for 15% of each product sold goes back to the special talent that produced that particular product.  Disability is not inability! Weyakum also introduced Enable to Jumeirah at Etihad Towers and today you can find Enable products at the hotel!

Here’s how we supported ‘Kalimati’, the first rehabilitation and communication center for the deaf in the UAE…

Kalimati addresses a social need in the UAE community by delivering services for the deaf and hard of hearing. Weyakum had the pleasure of working with the Kalimati team to transition the organization from a charity that is dependent on grants to a social business.