What Emiratis Say About Us
Noura Khalifa Al Kaabi, Abu Dhabi
“Words cannot express how grateful I am to Weyakum for guiding and assisting me through my whole university application process; from choosing a major that is needed in the UAE to the actual application, Weyakum assisted me every step of the way!”
Heba Al Hashemi, Abu Dhabi
“I am glad I learned about Weyakum, and met the woman behind the initiative. It is truly uplifting to know such people exist in my country and such initiatives are taken to help more and more Emiratis into the world.”
Moza Al Kindi, Fujairah
“Weyakum made me think of new career opportunities that didn't cross my mind before. Their efforts to help young Emiratis in finding their career path are obvious and they give us all the needed time, attention and support.”
Sultan Al Thehli, Abu Dhabi
“I thank Weyakum for their guidance and help throughout my application process. Applying with their support made the whole process easier, more familiar, and an educating experience in and of itself.”
Ahmed Al Khateri, Ras Al Khaimah
“With the end of my under-graduate studies closing by I started to look for ways in which I can implement my knowledge as a citizen of the UAE. Weyakum was not only a great help in finding and applying to the UN program, it also broadened my understanding of giving back to the country.”
Amna Al Owais,  Sharjah
“A big thank you to the Weyakum team for their tremendous support for me and all United Nations YPP applicants. You've provided more than just support and guidance, but also continuous motivation. Thank you for encouraging Emiratis to go the extra mile!”
Mariam Al Qassimi, Sharjah
“Not only this, but she made sure we were clued in on application dates, deadlines and structure. She coordinated meetings and went out of her way to make the program more accessible to applicants of very different educational backgrounds. During sessions, we could interact with each other and there was a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. She made sure we felt that we were capable of reaching our goals and this was definitely a big positive point as I have been feeling really unsure about my future and career for quite a while. When the deadline approached, she was available to talk and went over fine details with so much care. I am very grateful for her attention and hope to work with her in the future, she definitely made me feel worthy and confident enough!”
Marwa Al Rahma, Dubai
“I received guidance and support from Weyakum which enabled me to combine my skills, knowledge and passion and pursue the career I have always dreamed of. Weyakum taught me that anything is possible if you really want to achieve it! Thank you for always being there Weyakum!”